Public Transport Management Systems

Public Transport field constantly undergoes organizational and technological innovation initiatives, supported by public or private investment for the extention and modernization of existing infrastructures and vehicles. A worldwide effect of this process has been the tramway return in the city, as a transport system specially suitable for for urban mobility and compatible with ever more strict energy and environment constraints. The reappearance of tramways is characterized by the adoption of new concepts in both infrastructures and vehicles design. To gain the most benefits from this type of electrical transport, a new, more modern version of tramway has therefore been adopted, mainly by using protected lanes and with high-ended automation and Centralized Control contents.

The operations of urban rail networks aiming to a sophisticated performance level as such, require solutions to combine higher safety and higher availabilityof technologies with continous monitoring and diagnostic of processes. Project Automation has acquired a considerable experience in the design and realisation of automatisation and remote control of in transport systems also by developping an IT package, SMARTRAMS®, which offers a modular “Operations Support” software platform integrating analysis and diagnosys tools for an advanced support of maintenance process.


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