The automatic control system for access to Restricted Traffic Zones (RTZ) proposed by Project Automation has received approval from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport with the Italian Decree no. 2528 of 5 May 2011 and subsequent extensions thereof. The system will help regulate access to RTZ through automatic recognition of enabled vehicles and the subsequent detection of any infringement by unauthorised vehicles.

Experience spanning almost a decade means this high-performance and highly reliable system is the solution to achieving optimum environmental impact within an urban area.

The design involves two distinct levels interconnected via a communication network:

  • the peripheral level consists of detection devices for moving vehicles; the registration numbers of vehicles authorised to access the zone are locally stored on a 'white list'; 

  • the central level, which has been created using special equipment and related management software that allows operators to monitor how the peripheral devices function.

The communication network enables a bidirectional connection between the peripheral and central levels. The system is able to support all communication technology. 

Technical specifications:

The peripheral level consists of a unique integrated camera system with a black and white camera to identify moving vehicles (an OCR camera), a colour camera for recording the background, an infrared light system able to read number plates regardless of the lighting conditions, as well as the processing unit and the number plate recognition software (OCR).

The system does not require coils or other external sensors for it to function correctly.

The white list control functionality can be enabled via the local PC contained peripherally or directly through the processing unit of the camera system (Log. no. 6268 of 23 December 2011 - Approval Extension).

At the central level are programmes that are able to capture, verify and store data and images relating to unauthorised moving vehicles, to populate a list of authorised users and to internally manage the system.

The central level can be located at either the client's head office or at Project Automation's iMedia Data Center.

The central-level application software, SRI-Web, developed entirely by Project Automation in Web technology, is also enabled for the fully integrated management of traffic infringements detected by the digital device for detecting cars passing through red lights, and speeding.

The services available also include integration with popular software packages for managing access permits for RTZ and the management of fines, used by the Municipal Police.

What's on offer: the experience of Project Automation in this area means we can offer customers a complete solution including design, production, help with start up, staff training and maintenance of the system.

The system has already been installed in various Italian cities such as Milan, Torino, Verona, Padova, Asti, Alessandria, Perugia, Terni, Brescia, Reggio Calabria, Rimini, Pavia, Mestre, Reggio Emilia, Isernia, Altamura, Spoleto, Pesaro and Lecco.


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